A few nights of neglect

I apologise for leaving you hanging for so long, wonderful readers of this blog. I have been rather sick and a little stressed about uni. I have just started my holidays after finishing my final exams.

I had food poisoning to begin with – and boy, oh boy, is that something that you just curl up with and want to die. I mean, there is nothing classy about that sickness – it’s gross. I appreciate my parents, who just are amazing nurses when I am sick. Mum knows just the right moment when I need a hug, and they both helped me walk when I was so weak I couldn’t get out of bed.

Recently, my mum also noticed that my hair was falling out again. This happened before I was diagnosed with PCOS and my medication for my thyroid was supposed to combat it. However it didn’t, and it’s recently started  back up again – so I’m going off my thyroid meds for a while. I was always borderline and was mainly on it to help with sleep – which it didn’t. So one less thing to make me like a walking pharmacy.

I worked out with my tutor a few weeks ago about my marks for my Marketing class. According to him, I’ve done superbly well in a course where a lot of students fail. So well, in fact, that in our final exam, worth 50 marks, I only had to get 10 and a half marks to pass the entire course.

This was a huge relief, considering what I originally understood, the exam looked hard. But as my parents, my friends and E often tell me – I stress over something that I’m actually very good at. Mum told my doctor yesterday that I’m meticulous. So true. And if I didn’t pass both my classes, I will be protesting, because I think I did rather well on my exam.

I also was looking after two parents with the flu, who then promptly gave it to me. Rather ungrateful, I thought! Oh, and I crash landed onto the pavement in the city on my knees and hands. Very embarrassing, and not one person asked if I needed help.

Also, I put on my jeans this morning and – they’re too big! I put a belt on them to the last hole you can use to get it tight, and the only thing stopping them falling down to my ankles are my hips. Am I a bit pleased with myself? Yes, why yes I am.

Oh and on a completely different note – I appear to be a bit of a Gleek. Damn you show for having such catchy music AND Dianna Agron. I’m still confused though as to why all the girls are fighting over Finn…he’s not the brightest spark in the box.

My Rizzoli and Isles Season 1 DVD has been posted by Amazon – it was the first DVD I ever preordered. I’m very eagerly waiting its arrival.

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