Salzburg Day 2

Apologies for not updating – uni has been very overwhelming!

When Mum and I went downstairs to breakfast at the Mercure in Salzburg, it was still dark outside. There was a huge picture window in the breakfast room and they had a beautiful little area outside. It was full of trees that had fairy lights in it, and a layer of freshly fallen snow. The breakfast was wonderful (a breakfast buffet – I had scrambled eggs to start with) and as we ate, we saw some people walking their dogs.

And not kidding, the dogs had nothing on their paws. I was like “Geez! At least give them little snow boots or something!”

My friends A and C had already left for Innsbruck and Swarovski World, and they promised to call mum and I when they were back in Salzburg. More on their adventure later.

Mum had been to Salzburg (she did a trip to Europe when she was 19) and she suggested we go look in old Salzburg. So we walked over the bridge and hello beautiful!

The paths were all cobbled and we found a line up of horses with open carriages, just waiting to take you around the city. Mum and I hopped in one, and the driver put a blanket over us to keep us warm, and we were doubly lucky because our driver gave us a history tour of all the areas we passed too. He was very knowledgeable about the area, and I loved looking at the old city and going on a horse ride.

We went to a teahouse as well, which was in a home that used to be owned by Mozart’s mother in law. There were some framed paintings of Mozart and his family on the walls. Men in full on waiter uniforms came to take out drink order (hot chocolate, duh), and then women in maid uniform’s pushed over a trolley of sweets for us to choose from. We chose apple strudel. I have to say, THAT hot chocolate and THAT apple strudel were the best ones I had the whole trip. It was amazing.

While we were in the teahouse, we discovered a small problem that mum was experiencing. Because she had packed and come over so quickly, she had not had time to buy waterproof shoes. Her feet were literally blue, so we stayed in the teahouse for a while until they regained normal colour. We later circumvented this problem by covering her feet and socks in plastic bags.

After we left the teahouse, we walked over the bridge again back to Salzburg where I spotted the marionette theatre. This theatre was where the puppets and theatre came from for the Sound of Music movie, and the puppeteers were from this business. We went inside and they were showing a puppet show of all the things Mozart had done, like the Magic Flute etc. The puppets were beautiful, and we bought some water and a pretzel to have at intermission.

After the show finished, we went on a quick tour of Mozart’s house, and then went to find something for dinner. We were back in our room by 4pm because I was starting to get sniffly again.

Anyway, 8pm comes and mum is a little concerned that C and A have not phoned. Then 9pm and mum is wondering if it’s time to call the Austrian police.

We finally heard from them at 10pm when they were back in their room. Apparently they fell asleep on the train and were halfway to Budapest before they realised they’d missed their stop. They had to get off the train, wait for another train coming back to Salzburg and then get back to the room.

Anyway, they were fine, they just almost took a large detour on our trip.

Next time, Venice, a blizzard and a cautionary tale about trains.

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