The Ups and Downs


The invitation to my grandmother’s wedding arrived today. Fail. It was all done up and pretty and included a note in her handwriting to “please come” and the offer of accommodation at the Hilton (that’s where the wedding is being held in the Blue Horizon chapel)

I’m not going – because I can’t. But I noticed this afternoon that I was really angry again, really snippy. I remember feeling like this for a long time until the doctor diagnosed me with PTSD, so I’m glad I’m seeing him again next week.


On the upside, I’m going to Supanova tomorrow. It’s a comicon here in Australia. Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia from Buffy and Angel) which I’m really excited about because she only went to Perth and Sydney last time. Christopher Lloyd was supposed to come too, but apparently he got cast in a series!

But, on the upside AGAIN, Supanova are bringing him back in November and are going to have ANOTHER Supanova! So that will be good.


Hopefully tomorrow will be better. And I will be happier. And soon I promise I will get back to the Europe story!

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