I can see clearly now…the glasses are on…

So, first of all, sorry for the delay in my postings. Uni had me a bit overwhelmed for a bit there. I was a little behind in the readings – which I’m fine with now, and I also had to work on an assignment, which is almost finished. I finished all of it except the executive summary when I did it on Monday.

Secondly, brief interlude in my Europe story to tell you about today.

So today we had some errands to run. I had an appointment with the optometrist because I’ve been having trouble seeing the output on the overhead projector and I’m getting headaches a lot. And, apparently I’m borderline with my long-distance vision (what you Americans call near-sighted, apparently). But since it’s actively bothering me, I ordered my first pair of glasses.

It feels really weird for me, because when I was a kid I apparently had eyesight better than what was required of fighter pilots. But last year they said I did have long-distance vision problems, but not enough to actually do anything about.

They will be arriving next week.

Anyway on the plus side of all this, I got an iPhone today. I used to have a blackberry, but the stuff I want to use it for just isn’t accessible in Australia. So I got my iPhone and it’s actually smaller and thinner than my blackberry, which is a nice change.

So tomorrow I will go back to the Europe story, unless anyone has something they’d like me to talk about in particular?

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  • C  On March 31, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Glasses are such a pain. I’ve had them since I was in 3rd grade (8 years old?).

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